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Lynxsport Mouth Guards Sheffield OrthodonticsIt is not surprising that competitive sports lead to physical injuries.

The precise cause varies from the positive assault on the opponent’s body as in boxing to the accidental boot in the face in rugby union.

It does not matter whether a blow is landed by intent or by accident – the resultant damage can be equally distressing.

Choose from almost any colour combination or design your own:

Lynx Sport® Mouth Guards

Independent research has proven Lynx Sport® mouth guards provide the highest level of protection and comfort, without impeding respiratory or speech requirements. Each Lynx Sport® mouth guard is a laminate of the highest quality E.V.A. producing the closest fit possible.

  • Indentations of the opposing teeth are provided to increase the level of protection and will reduce/prevent concussion.
  • The sports player’s name is permanently sealed within each Lynx Sport® mouth guard. We can also incorporate non-copy write artwork within the mouth guard.
  • Provision can be made for erupting teeth or orthodontic treatment.
  • A vast range of colours and patterns are available for Lynx Sport® mouth guards, colour charts and posters available upon request.
  • Every Lynx Sport® mouth guard is supplied with a plastic storage container and care instructions.
  • Only Lynx Sport® mouth guards carry the Lynx Sport® logo to distinguish it from lesser imitations.

Laboratory Requirements

We require upper and lower fully extended alginate impressions, taken in a well supported tray and a centric bite registration taken with the teeth 3-4 mm apart.

Alternatively, upper and lower stone casts may be provided and should be packaged with care to prevent damage during transportation.

Any name required within the mouth guard should be clearly printed.

Choice of colours or patterns should be indicated.