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3D Digital Scanning, Sheffield Orthodontic LabUsing the latest laser scanning technology, we can digitally capture your patient’s models or impressions and convert into accurate 3D digital images. No more need to store bulky plaster casts, your digital 3D files can be archived electronically.

Should you require a physical model, a durable composite replica can be produced on demand using a 3D printer. Study models can also be printed with angle trimmed bases where required.

Our service eliminates the need for storage rooms full of models and expensive shelving systems. No more time wasted retrieving models, the 3D files can be retrieved from your computer within seconds.

3D Digital Indirect Bonding Trays

Using computer-aided bracket placement, each bracket is positioned exactly, providing a more predictable outcome. The digital file will be emailed to you for your approval, bonding trays can then be fabricated for quick and predictable bonding.