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fully digital, send from any scanner.


Our aligner package:

• Send from any scanner
• Treatment plan
• Aligners
• Premium packaging*
• Dental monitoring*
• Case support
• Replacement aligners
• Fully digital


At SOL we offer the same treatment options as all the large international aligner companies, but without the constraints of contractual obligations.

Upon receipt of scans, our treatment plan will be checked by a qualified clinician and forwarded to the practice with before and after mocks for approval, along with an estimate of how many aligners are needed and the total cost.

Upon approval by you and the patient, we will manufacture the aligners and return them individually packed and clearly numbered in order of use.

Should an aligner be lost or damaged, it can be remanufactured within 48 hours by calling us with the aligner number.

Once treatment is complete and a final retainer is fitted, you can if you wish, opt to let us take care of supplying replacement retainers if needed throughout the retention period.

We can offer this type of treatment from impressions, however, we would in these cases make a “point zero” aligner, intended to be worn for one week to ensure accuracy before the main aligners are manufactured.

Please contact us if you wish to try a clear aligner system from a dedicated orthodontic lab. 

*Optional extra